Monday, July 31, 2017

masao, tokyo, and a new apartment hollaaaaa

MLC! Sister Training Leaders!
Wow it feels like 10 minutes ago I was typing my last week's email, but at the same time it feels like 40 yearssss ago. Time. I just don't understand.

This week was good! I was able to spend half of it in Tokyo at MLC which was way fun and spiritual and ahhhh I just love it. And then another couple days was spent moving because YOU HEARD ME. OUR OLD SKETCH APARTMENT IS GONE and we now have a new apartment wooooooooo! It's been craziness around here, but it's been fun, so hey. Call that a miracle if you will. ;) 

Now funny thing of the week. Just picture this. Here I am. In this 8474685737 year old apartment cleaning out the closet. There's so much stuff I literally can't move. Like legit. K. Then. I find a random box in the back of the closet.... open it? Probably a 97-year-old roll. A FREAKING DINNER ROLL IN THIS BOX. Bye. That is all I have to say on the subject.

Nowwwww for the real exciting things. Remember my friend Masao from Nagaoka I talked about a few weeks ago? Well. This past Sunday.... HE GOT BAPTIZED. YAYYYYYYYY!!! I got to Skype in and talk after and ahhhh I was so happy. The Nagaoka sisters later told me that after he got baptized he bore his testimony and in it talked about us talking that day so long ago. I almost started crying when I heard that. SO SPECIAL. That was such a huge blessing for me to be able to even play a small part in his conversion. I am so lucky to be a missionary. 

MASAO'S BAPTISM YAY! (Yuuya, Narumi, Masao)
This experience has really taught me that you just never know what type of an influence you can make on someone. We can help people come unto Christ in so many different ways, and as we always look to love and look to serve we can help God help his children. There have been so many people on my mission who have been that influence for me and I am so grateful for each and every one of them. 



Modersitzki 姉妹

Fun fact: There are like 40 different ways to count in Japanese. Depending on whether it's papery, a cylinder, a small animal, or a small item... IT'S ALL DIFFERENT. AKA BLESS THE WORLD 

Angel elders who moved us into our new apartment.
The closet of wonders
idk either
Mana ちゃん selfies as always
Just appreciate this for a sec.

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