Monday, July 17, 2017

just a bunch of eternal friends and a grateful missionary

Girlz party

Hello from the land of humidity that makes you feel like you might die every 10 seconds because it's so hot and wet, and also the land of yummy food that makes you want to die every 10 seconds because it's so flippin' good. LITERALLY EVERY MEAL. #dyingbutdyingblessed <33

I don't have a ton of time this week but I just wanted to mention that God is such a cool guy. I was thinking back today on all the amazing people I've met throughout the course of my mission and I just felt so grateful to have been able to come out to Japan to meet eternal friends. I think back to Kawagoe and Sakado with my cute 94-year-old bff grandma, Hamai 姉妹, Maki, Kyoka Yoshioka (my Japanese bff companion who I still absolutely adore), and SO MANY OTHERS. Then I come up to Niigata and get to meet more eternal friends. Momoka, Sandy, Mana ちゃん, Masao, Yuya and so many others. 

Nagaoka Fam (Narumi is the one next to me:)
One of my favorite things about being an STL in Niigata is that I often get to go to Nagaoka, an area that has legit become like my second area. Every time I go there it's just like family. SO MANY ETERNAL FRIENDS. There is a recent convert, Yuya who is like my best friend, and this past week I got to meet one of his friends named Narumi who is taking lessons. SHE IS SO CUTE. We talked, and as always in Nagaoka, it just clicked. She even started to cry because she was so happy that we met and got to talk and learn together. She was telling me she didn't know if she had a testimony of God and we so we talked and read Alma 32. She cried and cried again and said she felt it. She felt his love and she felt herself gaining a testimony. SOOO COOL I LOVE HER. 

I am grateful for even little opportunities like this to be a small piece in someone's conversion. Whether it's to be there for the whole thing or to be there for just one lesson, or even one contact on the street, it's just worth it. I'm finding my friends and I couldn't be more happy about it.



Modersitzki 姉妹

Fun fact: Ovens are not a thing. Like legit. Costco came to Niigata for a week and the Sado sisters bought a giant pizza..... How did they cook it? Split it into 4 and cooked it in the microwave oven. HAHA

Nozaki 兄弟 aka Dad and the peeps
I know I post a million pics with Mana ちゃん...
Can't help it. She said she's convinced we're the same
person. SCORE.
Becoming the sickest gma ever lol

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