Monday, October 16, 2017

"These are for Jesus"

YASUMI CHANNNNNNN and her flowers for Jesus.

Welllllll... This week went from summer to winter in about 24 hours. Legit. I have no idea how, but I mean hey. There's that. 

THIS WEEK HOLY MIRACLES. THE LORD IS HASTENING HIS WORK. I'M SERIOUS. There were so many crazyyyyy things that happened this week but I think one of the highlights of the week goes by the name of Yasumi, who just so happens to be 9 years old. One day, Sister Robertson and I were heading out when we saw a cute little girl across the street. We said hello and immediately she crossed the street and came to talk to us... HI. This does not happen here. LIKE EVER. She introduced herself and said that she was 9 YEARS OLD. I THOUGHT SHE WAS LIKE 15.... Anyways, that's besides the point. We began talking and she said that she was Christian herself and went to church with her family every week! She was BEYOND curious of what we do at our church and said she really wanted to learn. We explained a little bit and she was asking so many questions. We ended up giving her a church tour and a Book of Mormon and she was so so happy.....

NOW FAST FORWARD TO THE NEXT DAY. We met up with her and the first thing she said was... "I read the book!" HI WHAT. She proceeded to tell us how good she felt when she read it and how she knew it was true. She told us she wanted to come to church and that she was asking her family and friends to all come with her. She told us she was so excited to go to church that she probably wouldn't sleep that night. K tell me that isn't the cutest thing EVER. SOOOOOOOO prepared. 

Well. You betcha. Cute Yasumi came to church and LOVED it. The members were so so good to her and she said she wanted to come back every week. We got to go to Primary with her and it was such a special experience. The kids all sang "I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus." This has become my favorite song on my mission and it actually brought me to tears this time. Yasumi was just eating it all up. Then after church she came up and tugged me on the shoulder. "Wait here." she said and then legit ran away. Ummmmmm.... K?  Well next thing I know, Yasumi is back with a bouquet of flowers. She handed them to me and said, "These are for Jesus." 

................ I know. I was speechless too. This little girl is SO close to her Heavenly Father and Savior, Jesus Christ. She is so excited to learn and is inviting all those around her to come feel of the same joy she feels as well. I felt the Spirit so so strong this week as I was able to work with her and listen to the cute Primary kids sing. God loves His children... and that's a fact.  I love this work. <333



Modersitzki 姉妹 

Fun Fact:  

Japan is the creator of Hi-Chews. And BOY if you think they're good in America, they have peach, pear, and apple flavor here...... so beat that. HEAVEN. 

Our cutest Japanese missionary. We just love her!
The Urayasu church. RIGHT?
Here you have it ladies and gentlemen. Proof that the Tokyo trains
really are that packed. I almost died like twice. lol.

Live from finding! lol.
No comment, but ya.
Just being happy bc look at this view!

Monday, October 9, 2017


Yay'ing because look how pretty this view is.

Soooooooo. Ya. I am about a week late to join the party but we just barely got to see General Conference and WOWZAAAAAAA. The church is true. There's just not much more to say. I went into this Conference with a lot of questions. I have heard since I was young, "If you watch Conference with questions in mind it will mean more!!" But wow... this time. I took time to prepare and think of questions beforehand and went into Conference with a prayer in my heart. I have 10 weeks left in this mission.... It recently hit me and FREAKED ME OUT.

I had so many questions for this Conference but one huge one was, "What do you need me to do for these next 10 weeks? How can I be a better tool in my Heavenly Father's hands?" HOLY. As expected, God answered every single one of my questions and I left feeling a new light. The entire Saturday session was about service. About looking for ways to help someone EVERY DAY. It talked about loving those around us and simply trying to be like Jesus each and every day. The answer hit me like a brick wall. I am NOWHERE near being a perfect missionary, but I can take time to focus on service and try my best to be like my Savior, Jesus Christ. I love General Conference and the chance I had to watch this one as a missionary. :)

Dinner with the Ito family
Speaking of Conference miracles..... This week after Mission School (English Class), the Elders were watching the Priesthood Session of conference. We "casually" told our students if they wanted more listening practice they were more than welcome to come watch it with us..... lol. About 4 students came with us and afterward I began to talk to this student named Miki. She asked me, "Why was that man crying when he was speaking?" I got the chills as soon as she asked the question. I had the opportunity to explain the Spirit to her and talk to her about how we can feel it all the time. Miki wanted to learn more so we will start teaching her which is SO, SO exciting. The Spirit. It's a powerful thing, even in a language you don't quite understand. 



Modersitzki 姉妹 

Fun fact: Disney lights off fireworks at 8:30 every night.... Andddd guess who can hear them from the apartment. US! So so close.

Just a typical view of my every day

Tokyo Zone Conference
I got a letter and cookies from my favorite missionary from my
first ward in Sakado, Hikari 
姉妹  <3333
Winning for prettiest areas. Tokyo. I have no words.
Just ya know, companion bonding.
This is one of my favorite things about Robertson 姉妹.
Her hair at night. IT JUST WINS. 

Monday, October 2, 2017


Shae with her new companion, Sister Robertson.

Still not sure how it's been another week but time flies when you're having fun and also when you're running around like a chicken with your head cut off right? ;)

I officially left my beloved Niigata on Thursday morning and let me just say the days leading up to that were SO painful. Especially Mana ちゃん.... On Tuesday night she came to the church and just broke down into tears. We just cried for legit EVER. My heart was honestly shattered, and I was terrrrrrrified about going to my new area. I was so worried that I wouldn't be able to love it nearly as much as I have grown to love Niigata...... So ya. There is a look into my feelings. Lol.

BUTTTTT I'M HERE IN URAYASU AND GUESS WHAT. I love it. It is the cutest place in the world. Sooooo Tokyo and I am soooooo obsessed. My companion, Sister Robertson is such a sweetheart. She is transfer 2 and soooo ready to work. I love it. Also. To make things better? The ward mission leader is a professional dancer and loves missionary work. And then to make them even better? THE WARD IS ON FIRE. I have been here less than a week and we already have been fed at members homes twice. What is this magical place? I am not sure but boyyyy do I feel lucky to be here. 3 times in a row. I have lucked out with the best areas... Heavenly Father. He's a nice guy. ;) LET'S GO URAYASUUUUU!!

This week I learned so much about how merciful God is. When I arrived in Urayasu there were no investigators being taught. Not gonna lie I was a little nervous and didn't know what to do. I prayed and it was like God was saying... "Shae. This is My work. I'll take care of it." In that moment I felt so much peace. I knew in my heart that if we did all we could, that God would make up the rest. We opened our mouths to everyone and did all that we could, and not only did we have 4 new Mission School students come to Eikaiwa, but God blessed us with 2 new investigators in 3 days. I just stood in amazement. This is God's work, and I am just grateful to be invited to the party... (s/o to you ry ollerton).



Modersitzki 姉妹

There ya have it folks. Me and the Shojster trying to take apart my trial
of a bike to send it to Tokyo.... (Yes we did step and jump on it...
and yes it did work;) (also... like our matching outfits?)
How do you not love this human?
Momokaちゃん . I have no words.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

transfers..... dun dun DUN


Well folks.... I have some news. After 7 months in my favorite place ever and after a transfer of unforgettable memories with my best friend ever...... I have been transferred. All good things must come to an end I guess but WOW, to say I am heartbroken would be an understatement. I have come to love Niigata and the people here soooooo much and leaving is so so so sad. I remember my MTC teacher who told me basically that a mission sets you up for heart break.... you come to love a place and the people so much and then just like that, it's ripped from you....But then he said this, which I absolutely love. "I hope you get your heart ripped out over and over again Elders and Sisters. I hope it gets ripped out time and time again because if it does, it means you love the people."

Shae is going to miss everything about Niigata, especially the people she knows and loves there.
So that's what is bittersweet. It's so so sad because the people here have legitimately become like my family and I can't imagine life without them (especially my cute Mana chan), but it's also so sweet because I can realize again how lucky I am to have been able to meet so many eternal friends. Missions.... they mess with your emotions... that's for sure. ;)
Cutest ballet students (Koko and Shiori)

BUTTTTT onto the news you've all been waiting for..... (yes, I know you probably didn't want to hear my sob story but there it is;) I will be transferring to................................. URAYASU! 🎉 And I know that means nothing to any of you but to help it make more sense in your brain..... I am going to TOKYO!!  *woooo crowd goes wild* I will be training again! My new companion will be Sister Robertson. I am coming in halfway through her bean chan life, aka she is 6 weeks old in the mission field, sooooo yay mom lyfe round 2! ✌ I really don't know much about the area except for that we are home of the one and only TOKYO DISNEYLAND (!!!) So am I excited for that? Ya. Can I even go? No. But am I still excited? Ya. ;)

This week has been a crazy one full of miracles and fun. We literally had meals with members for both lunch and dinner all week long and I almost died but it was a happy almost death because the members are AMAZING. Also. To make things better we had 8 people come to church! Including 2 FAMILIES!!!!! It was so so special and I am so happy to be able to introduce such a happy message over here. 

'Til next week from Disneyland.




Fun fact: Public bathrooms constantly play waterfall noises and rain forest noises (including bird sounds) so things don't get awkward..... #nice

If I haven't said it enough, I love these people!
Oh. (While skipping your investigator lol)
Such a cute companionship!
Here's to toki birds and bad English <33
Our mission president's wife sent us cookies in the mail. YEP I KNOW.

Monday, September 18, 2017

God's timing.... it's a cool thing

ONE YEAR IN JAPAN (with the cute sign Shoji Shimai made for me)

Coming to you live from Niigata where we had a missile from North Korea fly overhead on Friday and then a lovely typhoon this morning. Hahaha. Fun stuff! I will tell ya that for free. ;) Adventure... It's out there people. ;)

This week was AMAZINGGGGG. So many cool things happened. Can I just say that WOW God is SO cool. Let me give some background. A few weeks ago a girl named Yukino came to our English class. We asked her if she had ever been before and she said she had when she was wayyyy young but then she recently decided to go to Australia for a few months to study English, remembered about our class and decided to come again. (Guidance from God? YEP.) Wellll.... we began talking with her about the gospel and she became a new investigator! YAY! 

Yukino herself with me and Sister Woolley 
Now onto this week. Sister Shoji and I were planning for our exchanges with the Sado Sisters. We both realized that we had scheduled Yukino for that day. Sister Shoji and Yukino have a really good relationship and so my immediate thought was that she should teach her, buttttt we decided to pray about it just in case. As we prayed I received the strongest prompting, "You need to teach her." It was sooooooo clear. I had no idea why, but you don't exactly fight a prompting like that;) So, we decided that Sister Woolley and I would teach her!

Now fast forward to Thursday night. We meet Yukino and as we start talking Sister Woolley (who happens to be from Australia and who happens to go home in 2 weeks) asks her where she is moving to in Australia.  Her response? Brisbane. Sister Woolley's hometown. Not only that, but the place she will be going to school is literally 5 minutes away from the Brisbane temple. WHAT! 

We proceeded to have one of the most spiritually powerful lessons of my whole mission. Yukino, although she said she has no knowledge of God and Jesus Christ at all, said that if she came to know this was true that she would be baptized. I KNOW, RIGHT?! SO COOL. 

There were so many other small things that played into the story, but overall my testimony was strengthened that God knows His children. God needed Sister Woolley to meet Yukino, and I am so grateful for the small prompting I had to be able to help with that. We really can "Become His Hands" and how grateful I am to be able to do that full time right now. <333



Modersitzki 姉妹

Fun fact: You take off your shoes in a lot of restaurants too. This week we went to one and as we went to use the bathroom there were slippers right outside for people to use. LOL. Too good.

Casually come home and you're under construction
Free English Challenge with the Sado 姉妹たち 
Yakiniku (all-you-can-eat meat aka elders' paradise
with Sado and the Zone Leaders!

How do you not love this human?
A close-up version of the 1 year sign :)

Monday, September 11, 2017

japanglish and mysterious miracles

Guitar update: I can now play 4 chords. Holla.

Hellloooooo! This week was AMAZINGGGGGG. I have never felt more effective and happier than this transfer. Every day is such an adventure but I am loving every second. I hit my year mark in Japan this week as well so WOAH at that. 

So a few weeks ago I mentioned my English was getting bad. Which YES it is. But this week one of the funniest things ever happened. Sister Shoji and I are known in our zone for having really good "Japanglish" when we talk to each other. We always talk in Japanese but sometimes slip random English words in visa versa. Neither of us recognize it and so we just communicate in this way, but the Japanese and American elders have started to tell us they can never understand because we speak so fast and just connect all of our words in Japanglish. WE LEGIT CREATED A NEW LANGUAGE HAHAHA. On a phone call this week Sister Shoji told our district leader "metcha ganbatta we". Metcha ganbatta means like we did our best and then normally you would say watashitachi (we).... but she just added it on in English. It made sense to us but the elders were soooooo lost. Now the whole zone is saying it so I mean hey... it works? Lol. I love having a Japanese companion.

Sometimes you have to have dance parties to the Joseph Smith CD.
Now on a little different note.... MIRACLES. One experience that was way cool this week happened in a strange way. Sister Shoji and I have been trying really hard lately to be as worthy as we can to receive any revelation God has to give us. So Tuesday. We got to the train station and were waiting for our train to come to take us to see our 2 investigators in Sanjo when they both right before cancelled. Uhhhh wut. Every missionary's worst nightmare. We decided to pray and have God tell us what He needed us to do because we now had a lot of time we were not planning on. We went to this little park and prayed to the Lord to tell us what He wanted us to do. It was SO cool as we both had ideas pop into our heads immediately. We were so excited to see what the Lord had in store for us because we knew it had to be something big due to the fact that both of our lessons were cancelled that day... Soooo off we went. And I am not kidding, the first 2 people we stopped had interest, one being a family who wanted to know how they could be with each other forever. HELLO. WE CAN HELP WITH THAT. ;) We knew immediately that the Lord had put them in our path. He works in mysterious ways. That's for sure.

Another mysterious way of the week. One of our Eikaiwa students wanted to bring the missionaries Japanese pears (aka the fruit of the tree of life), and so the elders invited her to church saying we would all be there! (Sneaky elders, I know right?;) Well she came. And we had a chance to teach her the Plan of Salvation for the first time. When we told her that she lived with God before this earth and that He loved her and knew her personally, she broke into tears. The knowledge that God is our Heavenly Father really changes things for people.... Saito san got to know about her Heavenly Father because she simply wanted to serve the missionaries and bring us fruit. Talk about mysterious ways...How lucky am I to be a part of this work?



Modersitzki 姉妹

Fun fact: In Japan, if you want to call the police it's 119.... not 911. Just opposite... lol wut?

Guitar night in Nagaoka (!!!!)
Shoji Shimai told me to do a chill pose.
(fun fact: these signs talk about Jesus Christ and basically just say
REPENT IF YOU WANT TO BE SAVED and things like that. They're
all over Nagaoka and Sado... who knows why lol)
Where do they even come up with these pic ideas?
Our awesome 80-year-old HOMIE investigator who took us to lunch
randomly when we saw here on the street. Ikegame san.... LEGEND.
These pictures have become a tradition.
She forgot her sunscreen and didn't want to get tan soooooo.... mop.