Monday, July 24, 2017

what doesn't kill ya makes ya stronger ね?

Sanjo's convert. We get along real well.

Soooo I sent my email last week and then realized that I had been on a mission for a year.... CAN WE JUST GET A BYE AT THAT? Still ちょっと dying and starting to feel WAY OLD. But YAY ONE YEAR (!!!)

Annnnyyyyways.... Well ya know. I'm just gonna be honest. Missions aren't always fun and games. There is a reason why people say they are the hardest things of your life. This week was one of the hardest weeks I have had on my mission. There were many times where I just didn't know what to do, but ya know what? God is real. And He cares. And I have learned so much about how to trust in Him even when I don't understand. And that's why everyone says missions are the best things of your life. THEY ARE. LIKE SERIOUSLY. You learn sooooo much. 

Trainings on trainings on trainings with the zone leaders.
This week we had zone conferences aka President and Sister Nagano came up. HOLY tender mercy. I love them. Like SO much. Buttttt...I want to talk about a little miracle that happened just a few days before that. Let's just say I was having quite the rough day. I didn't know what to do and then randomly my mission president calls me just to see how was doing. WHAT? I know. Angel. He neverrrrr does this, but this time he did. Can you say tender mercy? It was at the exact moment that I needed it and I felt not only his, but my Father in Heaven's love for me SO MUCH. Then, not only that, but I got to see them 2 days later and work with all the elders and sisters in my zone who I just adore. 

Cute little Niigata zone. <33333

I know this may not seem like all that much, but to me it was. It was a tender mercy that I will always be grateful for. God cares about the one, whether it be the investigator, or the missionary. I have a strong testimony of that. 


Fun fact:
-Rain in Niigata is unreal. It was raining SHEETS so they sent warnings out to everyone.... In this past week 3 rivers flooded. RIP to me.

My favorites, Woolley 姉妹, Momoka and Yuki
Please just look how many people are shoved in this train.
Just appreciate it for a second.
When you and your comp kill a really big spider with mold killing spray.
Zone Conference role plays

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