Monday, July 3, 2017

still niigata-ing and loving life

This guy wouldn't even wave, but hey
it's okay, I'm not mad. ;)

First things first. I have to give a big shout out to my best friend in the universe whose birthday it is today (July 4th).... HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAV! (everyone explode her email with love for me thx) Also oh ya... hb to America too <33

This week was sooooo goood! We became a trio this past week and then today was transfer calls. Sister Batchelor, part of our current trio will be my new companion! Also I will be in Niigata for yet another transfer.... Can I get a HOLLLLAAAAA! We will be working in 2 areas (Sanjo and Niigata) this transfer and it's gonna be a blast. *insert smolder emoji* 

But with transfer calls comes the sad fact that my beloved Sister Larsen will be heading back to America this week. SAD! Missions... make friends and then they casually move to another country on ya... NICE. 

Kiriko, Masao, and Yuya (my other recent convert bff)
Annnnyyyyyyways. This week we got to go to Nagaoka (an area in my zone) for a baptism which we took our cute investigator Kiriko to. It was soooo fun. A. Because baptisms rock my world, B. Because Kiriko loved it and felt the spirit so strong, C. Because Nagaoka is like my second area. I am way good friends with a bunch of the members and I LOVEEEEE going there, and D. MASAO. 

Okay, let me just explain the coooooollllllest thing that happened. So, here we were sitting at the baptism waiting and Nozaki 兄弟, the ward mission leader, who is also like my dad, comes and says "Hey Moda 姉妹! This is Tsuchi Masao! He is an investigator! Talk to him!" Lol okay. I can definitely do that haha. I begin talking to this kid and he is a straight homie. Definitely friends in heaven I can tell lol. Anyways. He tells me that the elders randomly invited him from eikaiwa to come to church so he came. Then they invited him to a baptism and..... HE CAME. He had never believed in God before, but now he does and he just loves being at church.... GOLDEN INVESTIGATOR RIGHT?  I was dying.

We continue talking and at one point I asked him if there was anything he was wondering about or had questions about, and he simply says, "Ummm ya. How does one get baptized?" .........................................................................Now that sir is a great question. WHAT. I told him all about baptism and then asked him if he would want to be baptized.... He sat there for a second, looked at me and said... "Ya. I think I do want to be baptized! Someday I think I will." I flipped. SOOOOOO cool and the spirit was so strong. I was so excited. I asked him if the elders knew and he was like no, just you now! YOU BETCHA I CALLED THOSE ELDERS OVER IN 2 SECONDS. Their jaws dropped to the floor as well and now my friend Masao will be getting baptized on the 30th of this month. I can't wait.

I love meeting people like that where you just know God's timing is so real. I love this calling.



Modersitzki 姉妹

Fun fact:
In so many public bathrooms there are no soap or towels. So everyone just carries around their own stuff. Do I currently have paper soap and a towel in my purse? You betcha.

Sunsets in Sado <33
Woolley Shimai aka my Australian bff
District. Now tell me that just does not look like a family.
Church with our cute investigators and Mana ちゃん.

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