Monday, August 7, 2017



Coming at you live from Niigata where I have officially become the luckiest missionary in the world. This week I got to go with all my Nagaoka friends (Yuuya, Nathalia, Narumi, Masao), my mission president and his wife, and some of my favorite missionaries to see the biggest fireworks in Japan. You heard me. #1..... With my mission president and his wife...... I CAN'T EVEN EXPLAIN. BEST THING EVERRRRR. Words cannot describe how amazing it was. I sat there with my jaw on the floor as lights lit up the entire sky. LEGIT THE ENTIRE SKY. I couldn't help but just smile the entire night. Just one of those moments where you are purely happy. I am so so so grateful to be serving in Japan right here right now. THEN. I got to go to two more sets of fireworks with potential investigators and with Mana Chan! Talk about the best week ever? YOU BETCHA.

Okay, also, can I say that Niigata is literally on fire? First of all, it is straight up 84298374929834772798 degrees out here with 428935748% humidity... Do the math.... IT'S HOT. But not only that, potential investigators are just coming out of nowhere. Like wildfires...... ;) IT'S AMAZING. I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK. K, anyways. One way cool thing this past week was that when talking to one of our English students we started talking about God and how He is our actual Father. At first as we talked it didn't seem like there was a tonnnn of interest, but as we kept talking her heart began to change.. Anddddd.... about 20 minutes later when we asked her if she wanted to learn more, she literally started jumping up and down and in her cute English yelled, "Yes please!!!!" God is preparing His children, and He truly can soften their hearts. I HAVE A TESTIMONY OF THAT!



Modersitzki 姉妹

Just the best roll of my life given to me by
the random girl on the train.
Fun Fact: Kindness is at a whole different level here. This past week I was talking to this cute college student and she was telling me she was studying to be a baker. When I told her that's so cool (bc that legit is), she just was like OH! I have these 3 rolls! Sorry, this is my stop, but here! THEN SHE GAVE ME THREE ROLLS THAT WERE THE BEST THING I'VE EVER TASTED. LIKE WHAT IS JAPAN.

Peeps and fireworks
Please just find my mission president and tell me I'm not winning
Pretty sure this is what heaven will look like
Matching shirts with the beloved comp

Zone p-day hike to Yahiko.

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